Social Distanced Selfie Scavenger Hunt Concludes

Published 5/10/2021

The Akron Section partnered with neighboring Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and Pennsylvania and Ohio Border Sections to host a socially distanced selfie scavenger hunt of 20 locations in Northeast Ohio with a notable connection to chemistry.  Mike Fricke, one of the Akron Section’s councilors, came up with this challenge to help provide engagement opportunities for our members during the pandemic.  The outside locations were chosen by our membership because of a chemical, scientific, industrial, or artistic interest.  The game was primarily played on Facebook under #chemistquest, but participants could play by submitting photos by e-mail.  The Akron and Cleveland Sections provided ACS hoodies to the top 20 finishers.  Mike Fricke commented, “We have found a way to keep up our comradery and continue our education outreach and sections’ purpose through the COVID time.  I have personally been amazed at the locations we have discovered and the imaginative selfies that have been posted.”

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